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Delivering the greatest moments in esports - for the fans, the players and the brands.

RFRSH Entertainment is a privately owned and operated esports company, representing, managing and running commercial operations for some of the best esports teams in the world, including the world's best Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team, Astralis, and the legendary League of Legends brand, Origen.

RFRSH Entertainment has developed, owns and runs BLAST Pro Series, a global esports tournament, and a range of live, original and reality content productions. We provide winning commercial and marketing strategies for companies looking to enter and succeed in the wildly growing and challenging esports market.

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"Esports is the largest and fastest growing entertainment subculture evolving from the fast-paced world of gaming. It is entertaining a generation of affluent and digitally native millennials who consume media and entertainment in entirely new ways. We bring esports to the mainstream audience by creating and developing a new tournament format, a new media approach and cutting edge content for all fans of competitive entertainment."

Nikolaj Nyholm - CEO & Founder


Esports is all about strategy, skills, communication and reaction. And like the very best of other competitive sports on a world class level, it’s an extraordinary, fun, engaging and action packed entertainment product. At RFRSH Entertainment we build the best teams and most engaging tournament formats on par with the very best sports: fast-paced, breathtaking, and packed with dramatic peaks worthy of replay and online glory.

RFRSH Entertainment represents and runs the strategic and commercial operations for Astralis. RFRSH Entertainment also owns and operates BLAST Pro Series including all media production around the teams and brands.

BLAST Pro Series


BLAST Pro Series is an innovative global tournament series of live Counter-Strike events, with the best teams in the world competing in a fast and exhilarating format. The series has been created to maximise both the live audience experience, broadcast formats and viewing experience featuring true world class esports mixed with engaging show elements.



Winners of the 2017 ELEAGUE Major. With close to 2 million followers across Social Media platforms alongside more than 60.000.000 impressions per month, Astralis is one of the world’s biggest Beam Brands within CS:GO / esports and a promotional powerhouse. With star players Nicolai "dev1ce" Reedtz, Andreas ”Xyp9x” Højsleth, Peter ”dupreeh” Rothmann, Lukas ”gla1ve” Rossander & Emil "Magisk" Reif the team has a global fan base and master the art of promotional activities.



Origen was initially founded by xPeke in December 2014 after he departed Fnatic to found his own team. Through its performance in the game and the popularity of xPeke the team became hugely popular and in only 3 years built a massive fan base.

Now Origen is back and with the RFRSH organization behind xPeke the goal is to bring back the brand in a new, structured and performance oriented context.

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CS: GO and LoL team


Annual global esport tournaments -
BLAST Pro Series



+100 m.

Impressions per month

RFRSH Performance Team

The RFRSH Performance Team is set up to create and secure the optimal conditions for players, teams, coaches and management working in the sports sector. Throughout the RFRSH organization we work with only the best and most professional experts.

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Members of our RFRSH Performance Team:

Mikkel Hjuler

Physical Coach & Terapist

Mikkel Hjuler

Lars Christian Robl

Team psychologist

Lars Christian Robl

Nikolaj Rindom

Team doctor

Nikolaj Rindom

Erling Andersen

Body SDS therapist

Erling Andersen

Maiken Beck

Clinical dietician

Maiken Beck

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Omen by HP
Apollo travels
Coco Fuzion 100
Jack & Jones
Turtle Beach

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