Graham Pitt new coach of GODSENT

In the efforts to optimize preparation for the Major Offline Qualifier later this month, GODSENT will upgrade the coaching team to include for an interim period Graham Pitt, currently Head of esports in RFRSH Entertainment.

Rfrsh Entertainment
Astralis join forces with Boomeo

The current world number 1 CS:GO team Astralis join forces with IMG’s web-based esports platform Boomeo to create and promote Boomeo's platform together with new unique training and educational content.

Rfrsh Entertainment
Norse to split up; leave RFRSH

he Norwegian number 1 CS:GO-team is set to part ways and will thereby also terminate  relations with RFRSH Entertainment. A decision made in co-operation between the team and  RFRSH Entertainment.

Rfrsh Entertainment
The RFRSH Model

RFRSH Entertainment is establishing, developing and facilitating a number of professional CS:GO teams in selected markets. Elevating the teams and players while building their brands are key elements in the RFRSH Model.

Rfrsh Entertainment

The past 36 hours have seen a lot of debate about players' rights and the future of Counter-Strike as an esport. Since we have only had limited opportunity to speak face-to-face with people in the community - players, casters, commentators, analysts, observers, fans, organizers - we thought it would make sense to address this from our perspective.

Nikolaj Nyholm