Norse to split up; leave RFRSH

he Norwegian number 1 CS:GO-team is set to part ways and will thereby also terminate  relations with RFRSH Entertainment. A decision made in co-operation between the team and  RFRSH Entertainment.

Rfrsh Entertainment
The RFRSH Model

RFRSH Entertainment is establishing, developing and facilitating a number of professional CS:GO teams in selected markets. Elevating the teams and players while building their brands are key elements in the RFRSH Model.

Rfrsh Entertainment

The past 36 hours have seen a lot of debate about players' rights and the future of Counter-Strike as an esport. Since we have only had limited opportunity to speak face-to-face with people in the community - players, casters, commentators, analysts, observers, fans, organizers - we thought it would make sense to address this from our perspective.

Nikolaj Nyholm