The RFRSH Model

RFRSH Entertainment is establishing, developing and facilitating a number of professional CS:GO teams in selected markets. Elevating the teams and players while building their brands are key elements in the RFRSH Model.
We work with teams to build their brand and enhance the performance of the individual players and teams by providing and developing best practices to improve their skills, mental resilience, stamina and teamwork through psychological, physical training, optimal facilities and a pro athlete lifestyle including rest, nutrition and the mental toolbox.
The RFRSH Model consists of several steps for the players, for the team and for the brand, including but not limited to mapping the team’s position and potential, establishing the individual players’ sporting/training needs, building/strengthening the org as well as establishing, supporting and developing the brand enabling each team and player to concentrate on what they do best: Play and perform!
Creating a winning franchise and brand under the RFRSH Model always depends on the team’s individual requirements and needs. No one team or one individual player is the same, and, while always based upon the same building stones and elements, the RFRSH Model is designed to assist and improve the player and team on their individual premises, characters and identity.
RFRSH Entertainment also provides all aspects of commercial management including sponsorships, commercial partnerships and team/player branding through pro-active PR and Media activities. 

In short, we invest heavily in supporting the teams and individual players in any and all ways thinkable in order to optimize their sporting performance and commercial value.

Multiple team co-ownership

The RFRSH Model is designed to build, develop and establish viable professional sports teams and brands over a 36 month period.
Provided an agreement can be found with the teams and orgs, during the establishment and development phase RFRSH may take part ownership of one or more of the teams to secure that the RFRSH model is fully incorporated into the team strategy.
Under the RFRSH Model, the players have a minority share in the team and thereby all players are or will be co-owners of their respective teams. Thereby the players will also benefit from the financial success and/or a sale of the team.
We do not see a conflict in multiple team ownership under this model, as each team is and will be its own entity, however, when the teams and brands are fully established, RFRSH will no (longer) have a controlling share or ownership of the teams, brands or orgs.
The “launch and establishment” investment period is similar or partly similar to e.g. MLS, Formula 1 and other franchise-like set-ups, and as such fully dependant upon strong individual teams contending on their own terms to reach specific goals, established in co-operation between the teams/orgs and RFRSH. Similar to other league/franchise set-ups, the ownership after “launch and establishment” is transferred/sold off to teams, the public or other investors, and RFRSH Entertainment will not own or control the teams/brands.

Goals and KPIs are individual for each team and set in the initial phase.

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