RFRSH Entertainment helps create the best esports teams in the world, whether established brands or newly formed teams. We believe that by bringing in practices seen in other sports, we can elevate the elite players and teams of today and of the future.

Esport athletes need a special skillset in order to be world-class but like any other sport, talent plus training and dedication beats talent alone. We provide best practices to improve competitive performance, mental resilience and stamina, teamwork, physical training and nutrition.

Our main office and training facility is in Copenhagen in a +600sqm space where we have our administration and three state of the art practice areas and a players lounge. We are currently looking to expand our geographical reach with training facilities in Oslo and Stockholm.


The teams

One of the world’s biggest team brands within esports, with more than 750.000 followers across social media platforms alongside more than 10.000.000 impressions per month, a promotional powerhouse. With players Nicolai "dev1ce" Reedtz and Markus "Kjaerbye" Kjærbye in front, the team is guaranteed to fill venues with fans and master the art of promotional activities.

One of the newest and fastest growing brands in Denmark which has embraced the role as the ugly duckling turned swan in Counter-Strike. Heroic quickly proved their worth with victories in Denmark and abroad, sweeping into the international top-20. Their quick rise to international fame shows that they're here to stay.

It was a shock for the entire gaming world when the best Counter-Strike team ever at the time, Fnatic, announced that they were selling three star players. The surprise was even greater when it was announced what the destination of said superstars was; the young player-owned team Godsent, formed by the legendary captain Markus "Pronax" Wallsten. That meant a fresh start for five of the biggest names in CS:GO where they now have to prove why they deserve to raise the Major trophies as they've done before.

After having been in the shadows of their northern brethren in esports for ages, Norway finally have a team again that can take aim at the world elite. Led by the former Copenhagen Wolves captain, Morten "zeves" Vollan, they've taken the Norwegian Counter-Strike scene by storm. With a dominant position in the Telenor League and also taking home gold at both Gigacon and ByLAN within months of formation, and with a strong brand that reflects a high dedication level and focus on developing Nordic esports, the goal for Norse is to become an international powerhouse with Norway as the strong home base.